Import existing coupons

If you are the owner of several eventbaxx and want to copy coupons which were part of another eventbaxx, you can import a coupon in your Content section to the Coupon section.

You can find the button "Import from existing coupons" in the navigation:

Now you will be directed to a list of coupons, which:

  • are not part of the eventbaxx you are currently working on
  • were published in one of your eventbaxx
  • are all original coupons; imported coupons will not appear here


Now you select the coupons you want to import to the current eventbaxx from the list and click on "Import selected coupons"


The imported coupon will be added to the list of the coupons of this eventbaxx. It will be marked with a small icon: 

Of course, you can still edit small mistakes via the editing icon next to the coupon.


And that's it - you imported a coupon to your current eventbaxx!

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