Set the salutation in your eventbaxx

One of the main advantages of your eventbaxx is its personalization.

To set a personalized salutation for the eventbaxx recipients, go to:

My eventbaxx   Settings and scroll down to "General Settings".



Now you can choose the salutation from the drop down menu:

  1. [firstname], here is your eventbaxx
  2. [firtsname] [lastname], here is your eventbaxx
  3. [firstname], enjoy your eventbaxx
  4. Here is your eventbaxx


Please note:

  • the placeholders [firstname] and [lastname] will be replaced with the participant's information from your list of participants
  • if one placeholder cannot be replaced, it will not appear at all
  • if none of the placeholders can be replaced, the salutation will be changed reasonably

         example: "[firstname] [lastname], enjoy your eventbaxx" "Enjoy your eventbaxx"

  • if participants board themselves via the opt-in mask, the salutation you chose here will be used (without the first or last name)


Choose your preferred salutation and click on "save".


And that's it -- your personalized salutation is set!

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