Change coupon photo

The header photo in your coupon is one of the most important elements.

You can see it several times: in the coupon preview and the detailed view.

If you wish to chance the coupon photo simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the respective eventbaxx and click content on the navigation bar on the left hand side 
  • Now you see an overview of all coupons of this eventbaxx
  • Click on the pen icon at the end of the line of this coupon
  • The editing view of the coupon opens up
  • Now you can choose: you either click on choose photo on the left side or click on the photo in the coupon preview.
  • Choose another photo 

Reminder: we highly recommend you to choose a high-resolution photo so it looks good both in the coupon preview and the detailed view in your eventbaxx.

  • Crop the photo and change its position
  • If you're happy with your choice, click on crop


That's it!

If you want to know how to change the information of your eventbaxx read this article.


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