Negotiating prices with partners and sponsors

eventbaxx is a great tool to create new revenues, as by selling the individual advertising spaces (=coupons) to partners and sponsors you create new money flows.

When you negotiate prices with your partners, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Compare with ordinary goodie bags: The prices of your eventbaxx should at least be as high as for your ordinary goodie bag. This will be a good guideline and gives you a good instinct when it comes to setting your pricing.
  • Placement: You can make the first three coupons in your bag a little bit more expensive because as they are seen every time the eventbaxx is opened they add additional value for your partners and sponsors. You can always change the order of your coupons. You're not sure how? We tell you in this article.
  • Combine your offers: It's normal that our customers offer different sponsoring packages to their partners and sponsors. You can simply include eventbaxx in one (or better all) of your packages.
  • Also consider these factors:
    • the size of your event and therefor the reach of your eventbaxx play a crucial role
    • which target group your eventbaxx addresses


Don't forget:

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