Board participants

At the moment eventbaxx offers you three different ways to board your participants.

Click on "Board participants" in the "share" section.



Now you can choose between the following:

  • Board participants individually: This is perfect if you only want to board a small number of participants. If you choose this option you can board your participants individually in a window.
  • Upload a CSV-list or Excel list: As soon as you want to board a larger number of participants, it's easier to upload a CSV list or Excel list. Please be careful to use the correct header:
    • email
    • name
    • firstname

We attached a .csv-list as an example. (beispiel_liste.csv)

Because of different formattings, we recommend you to upload an .xls or .xlsx-file.

If you create an Excel file with Mac, please use the right formatting (UNICODE UFT8):


If you still choose to use a CSV file, please see the steps below:

    • Create a CSV file with Windows: this workflow is quite easy:

File ➯ Save as... ➯ CSV (Delimiter-separated) (*csv.) ➯ Save


    • CSV-Import with Apple (Mac): please perform the following steps:

File ➯ Save as... ➯ Windows comma separated ➯ save


    • CSV-Import with Open Office: please perform the following steps:

File ➯ Save as... ➯ Text CSV (.csv) ➯ Save ➯ Character set= Western Europe (ISO-8859-15/EURO), field separator=, ➯ OK

Choose: Character set = Western Europe (ISO-8859-15/EURO), Filed separatot=, ➯ OK


  • Board participants using eventbrite: If you have an existing eventbrite account which you use to host your events, you can easily synchronize your participants. Simply click on "board via eventbrite" and follow the instructions.


Did you know? You can edit your list of participants and add more participants at any time.




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