The style of your eventbaxx is important because every person relates pictures and colors to special emotions and experiences.


  • PHOTO - choose an appealing header photo for your eventbaxx. Please not that we recommend 16:9 image format. Use PNG, JPG or JPEG files. After the upload of your photo is finished it can be editet at any time. Change it's position and check the eventbaxx real time preview on the same page to see how your changes affect the look of your eventbaxx.


  • COLOR - use a color to personalize your eventbaxx. Choose a color that matches your brand of event. This changes i.e. the look of the separating lines between the header photo and the rest of your eventbaxx. Same procedure: check how the change of your color interacts with your header foto in the real time preview.


Click "edit styling" to save your changes.


You want to know how to edit the rest of your eventbaxx? Click here.

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