Create a coupon

You can easily create a new coupon within minutes. Choose "+create a new coupon" in the coupon section of your content section



The coupon creation process consists of three steps. You can switch between them easily at an any time:


  1. Coupon type - choose between three different coupon types.Learn more about the different coupon types here.
  2. Coupon photo and company
    • Coupon photo: Choose an interesting photo for your coupon. We recommend using photos in a 16:9-format. Your coupon supports PNGJPG and JPEG files. Right after the upload is completed you can edity your photo (Crop, Zoom etc.)
    • Company name: enter the name of the company, partner or sponsor which onws this coupon
  3. Content section
    • Coupon title: Give your coupon a title, which will be displayed to the end user (visitor, participant, customer, guest) in the coupon's preview in the eventbaxx. Therefor it should quicken your end users interest and offer a small foretaste.
    • Description: Add further details about your coupon
    • Video: If you wish to add a video to your coupon, feel free to do this here.
    • Target link: This link offers the option to direct visitors of your coupon to any homepage you choose. You have the possibility to give this link a different label. Simply choose a label from the drop down menu.
    • Expiration date: You can choose a date if you want to let your coupon  to expire. This means that after this date the coupon will no longer be available to the end user (visitor, participant, customer, guest) in your digital goodie bag.
    • Disclaimer: Some coupons require a disclaimer. Enter the legal information of your coupon here.


After creating your coupon you will be sent back to the overall coupon overview. You can edit, delete or change the order of all coupons at any time.


Did you know? You can mark your coupons as invisible!

Navigate to the content section of you eventbaxx and click the green button on the right side to change the status of the coupon. If you click it, it will turn gray and the coupon is no longer visible in the eventbaxx. The coupons you create are automatically set to "active" and are therefore visible.

Example of offline & online coupons

When you have finished creating a new coupon, we will automatically redirect you to the coupon overview. You can edit and change the coupon order at any time.

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