Coupon types

The coupons are every eventbaxx's heart. They all contain the following areas:

  • coupon foto found at the top of the coupon
  • coupon title rigth underneath the coupon photo
  • company name which displays the owner of the coupon. Of course your end users (visitors, participants, customers, guests) can see the company name.


Did you know? You can add rich media content to every coupon, meaning that here's also some space for videos and music. A perfect way to transport emotions!

Additionally you can choose between different coupon types.

  • Classic coupon - a classic coupon includes some text and advertising messages. 



  • Redeemable coupon - a redeemable coupon includes an additional "redeem button". It can be used to redeem product samples, giveaways and much more. This button can be redeemed only once and therefore protected from abuse.



Of course you can edit your coupon after creation. How? After reading this article you'll know.

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