How can I include personalized coupon codes?

When creating a code coupon you have two different options: to create a coupon with a

  • common code


  • personalized code.


When creating a personalized code coupon you assign a unique code to every respective coupon of every participant that you have boarded. Example: If you board 300 participants and want to include a personalized code coupon you have to upload a list with 300 unique codes.

You can either create this list (.csv-format) by yourself or let our system do this for you. 

Please note: the .csv list must not include a header but only your codes.

Please find attached to this article a short list as an exmaple.


Tip: If one of your partners chooses to create a personalized code coupon ask him or her to send you a list of codes.


You are wondering how to explain eventbaxx to your partners and sponsors? We give you some useful tips in this article.


Find the example code list here:

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