How can I use the information effectively?

The statistics you find in your account are not only nice to have when it come to ROI but also quite useful.


Coupon openings

Coupon openings help you evaluate whether the coupon is interesting to your target group:

  • a reason for a small number of unique coupon openings might be either the missing relevance of the coupon or the inaccuracy of the title. Tip: mention numbers and precise information in your title
  • the number of unique and total coupon opening is the same: the coupon raised participant's attention but (they openend it) but the promotion did not convince them to come back to the coupon. So there's still some room for improvement.
  • High number of both unique and total views: obviously the users liked both your coupon and the offer/advertisement. Great!

In general: the higher the coupon views the more interesting your coupon was for your target audience.


Time of eventbaxx openings

The timeline lets you know when users opened your eventbaxx. Knowing this you can adapt the time of your next eventbaxx send outs to your target groups rhythm.


Gender statistics

Use the information about the gender of your target audience to customize both your content and offers


Social reach

Share a public URL frequently in your target group's preferred social media channels to reach them right where they are.

You current plan does not include a public URL? We'll show you how to upgrade your plan.


Not only you but also your partners and sponsors can use these information to customize your offers.

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