How can I get a detailed analysis of my eventbaxx?

In your report section, which you can reach via the "report" button on the left side, you have two different possibilities to receive detailled statistics:

  • general statistics about your eventbaxx
  • detailed statistics about every coupon

Both can be found in your accounts report section and document how your eventbaxx performed.

Depending on your plan you can download these statistics as a PDF file. 

If your current plan does not include PDF reports read this article on how to upgrade your plan

Don't forget: as long as your eventbaxx open to your target audience, these numbers can change.

Use the information of the statistics to improve the performance of your next eventbaxx even more. 

The greatest advantage of detailed coupon statistics: both you and your partners and sponsors can alayze the coupons performane - ROI on point!

To give you some help for your next eventbaxx we wrote a little article about the best coupon for your target audience.

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