Detailed statistics

Find detailed information about every single coupon in this chart. 

Depending on your plan, you'll be able to see:

  • the position of the coupon in your eventbaxx
  • name of the sponsor
  • coupon title
  • total coupon views
  • total website views - This is especially interesting for your partners and sponsors because you can tell them precisely how many leads were generated via eventbaxx


To make the search for a single coupon easier for you you can arrange the order according to different criteria:

  • Position in the eventbaxx
  • alphabetical sorting of sponsor names
  • alphabetical sorting of coupon titles
  • descending and ascending sorting according to the number of coupon openings
  • descending and ascending sorting according to the number of website visits

Depending on your plan you'll be able to download a PDF file which lists these information in detail via an icon at the right side of the line.

Read about the details you can find in these files here. 

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