How do my partners create their coupons?

After you have invited your contacts to create coupons for your eventbaxx you can start communicating.

  1. Your partner receives an email with a link. (We recommend you to attach one of the PDF files you find at the bottom of this article (eventbaxx_Sponsor_Sheet_GER (German) or eventbaxx_Sponsor Sheet (Englisch) to give your partner a short overview about eventbaxx and how it is used.)
  2. Via a link your partner will be send to a website where he can create his coupon. This website has the very same structure as your "Create content"-page and gives your partner all the possibilities to create a coupon like you have. 
  3. By clicking on "create coupon" your partner will start creating his very own coupon.
  4. You will receive a notice in your dashboard when your partner has finished creating his coupon. Your partner's coupon is now listed with the other coupons (find it under "content" --> "create coupons").
  5. Check the preview of the coupon.
  6. If you like the coupon you can add it to the other coupons in your eventbaxx by clicking on "confirm". 
  7. If you do not like the coupon, you can delete it.

If there are only minor mistakes, like spelling mistakes, you can simply edit  your partners coupon. 

Did you know? 

Your partners can create as many coupons as they wish. You're always in control about the coupons that will appear in your eventbaxx!


Find the PDF files mentioned above here:

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