Invite your partners

To invite contacts, click on invite contacts in the content section of your account.

You can upload contact information of your partners and sponsors to invite them to create content in your eventbaxx.

Use "create new contact" and type in the required information: name and email address. Now click on "add contact" and you're done!

To add more than one contact simply repeat these steps.

To invite your contacts to create a coupon by themselves, choose them by clicking on the name. All selected contacts are marked with a green checkmark.


The selected contacts automatically appear on the left side in "To:". Choose all the contacts you want to invite. Now you can send an email to them via our system. If you are wondering how this email looks like, you can send a test email to yourself. 

Your selected contacts now receive an email with an invitation to create a coupon for your eventbaxx.



We recommend attaching one of the following PDF files to your email to give your contacts a brief overview about eventbaxx. There is an Englisch (eventbaxx_Sponsor Sheet) and a German (eventbaxx_Sponsor_Sheet_GER) version available.

If you want to know how your partners create coupons by themselves check this article.


PDF files mentioned above:

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