Share a public URL

Additionally to sharing your eventbaxx via email you can also share a public URL.

This feature is necessary if you do not have your end user's (visitors, participants, customers, guests) email addresses in advance.

By using a public access to your eventbaxx you can easily use all your public channels (i.e. facebook, twitter, a newsletter etc.) effectively to supply all your end users with a customized eventbaxx.

  • Customize your eventbaxx's URL with a unique and meaningful name
  • Prepare your participants to what's coming with a short introduction text. Use one sentence to describe the unique coupons your eventbaxx has to offer.

You can see a real time preview on the right hand side.

As soon as your participants click on the link your shared our system creates an eventbaxx for them.

In addition you will find their email address in the list of your participants (in the "participants" section)

You can also determine what happens when your participants click on the link:

  • direct them directly to their eventbaxx
  • send your eventbaxx via email
  • use a facebook opt-in

Of course you can also combine these options.


If you're wondering how to fill your eventbaxx with unique content simply click here.

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