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Reach your end users (visitors, participants, customers, guests) in a number of ways.

One of them is sharing your eventbaxx via email. It is required that you did already board your end user's data via "add participants" in the "share" section.

eventbaxx offers you a template which you can edit according to your personal wishes. When creating your email you find a preview on the right side. So you can keep track of your changes in real time.

you can not only edit your content but also

  • sender and subject.

Tip: Choose a sender name your end users know. Your subject should refer to your eventbaxx - your recipient should be curious to open the email.

To check how your email looks like you can send yourself a test email. As soon as: 

  • you are pleased with your email
  • your eventbaxx is complete
  • you boarded your participants

you can send your eventbaxx by clicking on "safe and continue".


Did you know? You can send your eventbaxx only to those participants you added recently and to participants which did not open their eventbaxx yet. Click on "safe and continue" and choose your preferred option.

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