Manage your list of participants

You can edit your list of participants and add participants at any time.

Simply go to the "share" section and click on "participants".

If you already boarded participants, you'll see a table which includes the following information:


  • email address, first name, and name
  • origin: check, how the person received the eventbaxx

                    - Imported: you added the participant manually

                    - not tracked: you added the participant before this feature was                             implemented

                    - API: the participant received your eventbaxx via the API

                    - List: the participant was part of your Exel/CSV.-list

                    - Eventbrite: the participant was boarded via your Eventbrite account

                    - Opt-in: the participant received the eventbaxx after opting in                                        using his facebook account or the email address

  • last send: This is the date of the last time the participant received the eventbaxx. This field is highlighted in yellow, if you did not share your eventbaxx yet. The color changes to green as soon as you send your participants an email. The time zone is GMT.
  • views: You can see how often the participant opened the eventbaxx.
  • use the red at the end of the line to delete a participant.


To get a more detailed view, you can also filter the participants via the "filter" button at the top

  • all will show all participants
  • Opt-In includes all participants
  • List includes all participants which were boarded manually, via a CVS/Excel list and the API



Adding new participants is extremely simple. Simply click on "add participants" and follow the steps. Get more information about the process here.


You can also send your eventbaxx only to those participants you added recently. Read more about sharing your eventbaxx via email here.

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