Your opening graphics

In your report section you'll find three different graphs which show you, how often your email and the eventbaxx itself was opened. 


1. The email opening graphic

You find the email opening information in the upper left  corner of your report section. You can see exactly how many persons you send an email with a link leading to their eventbaxx also opened it. A progress bar indicates the percentage share. 


2. The eventaxx opening graph

This graph in the middle of this row relates the email opening rate to the eventbaxx opening rate. Unique eventbaxx openings indicate how many persons opened the eventbaxx. Each eventbaxx will be counted only once. Even if your end user changes his device we can still track this number precisely - because of the unique URL.


3. The rate of return 

This graph in the very left corner of your report section tells you how often an end user opened his/her eventbaxx. To calculate this value, we relate the unique eventbaxx views to total eventbaxx views (number of all eventbaxx openings). That's how we know exactly, how often end users visit your eventbaxx.


You are looking for specific numbers and comparable figures? Check out our article about the eventbaxx performance in numbers.

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