How about the performance of an eventbaxx?

Our customers did already send quite a lot eventbaxx. So we were able to collect lots of information about our product and the results speak for themselves:

  •  email opening rate amounting to 64 %!

This means that more than 64 % off all the persons which received an email with a link leading to their eventbaxx opened the email

Even top level newsletter marketing, which you can not compare eventbaxx with really, only achieves opening rates of 15-20 %.

The reason for our great opening rate is simple: the content of your eventbaxx is relevant for your target group

  • eventbaxx opening rates amounting to 62 %!

Easy if you deliver a product which is completely tailored to your participant's interests. The ideal situation: they receive their eventbaxx a couple of days prior to your event. They can inform themselves about your event's highlights. And your partner's advertisement reaches them over a longer period of time, which enables your participants to

  • access the eventbaxx 3 times on average

They check their eventbaxx beforeduring and after your event. In contrast to common flyers and brochures they always carry their eventbaxx with them - on their smartphone or tablet. Checking eventbaxx from their personal computer is also possible at any time.


Using the interactive coupons lets your partners create additional leads.

So why wait? Start now and test eventbaxx for free!


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