Which coupon goes down well with my target audience?

There is no universal answer for this question, but we can give you some tips on how to improve your coupon's performance:

  • Emphasize with your target audience - what would make you smile?
  • An appealing header photo is half the battle
  • Be creative but specific when it comes to your title - this will increase your coupon's click rate
  • Precise details (i.e. "50% off" or "10$ dicount") arrest attention
  • Title and content should match each other - nobody likes to be set on the wrong track, right?
  • Set a goal: what do you want to achieve with your coupon? Only if you know where you're heading you can transport this idea to your end user (Visitor, participant, customer, guest). 

There are (almost) no limits to your creativity when it comes to creating your coupon.

Try to stand out and break the mold. If you make an effort and follow a concept, the users of your coupon will notice.

You want to edit your coupon now? Read this article to learn more.

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