Data protection

Fanomena GmbH is a German company located in Saarbrücken.

This is why eventbaxx respects the legal guidelines of the Federal Data Protcetion Act (Richtlinen des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG)).

If you want to know more you can find the German version of the BDSG here.

We do not transfer any personal data of you, you partners, sponsors or end users (visitors, customers, guests) to any third party. We will not use the data to send you emails with advertising or spam. Excepted are emails about system or product updates.

Furthermore take several measures set by the Europäische Datenschutz Grundverordnung (European regulations about data protection), which you can download here, to protect you and your data:

  • our homepage is secured by HTTPS encryption
  • we never save your password in plan text but use bcrypt. More information about bcrypt 
  • We do not save any payment information in our system or on our server. Why not?

This is how we achieve a high level of security.

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