Plan a coupon

If you create a new coupon, it will be published automatically.

But, when you create a coupon, you also have the option to publish it later. This will be done via the coupon scheduling option.

You create your coupon like any other content for your eventbaxx. Then, you set the publishing data in the scheduling section:

Set the publishing dates


By default, your coupon will be published immediately and will not end. This means, that he will be visible to anybody as long as the eventbaxx is open. To set special dates, click on "plan coupon schedule" and change the dates:

Pop Up: change publishing dates


The coupons which you set special publishing dates for are marked with a special icon next to their name.


To check or change the dates, click on the edit button of the coupon.

Your coupon will be published automatically on the dates you scheduled. You do not need to undertake any further action.



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