Create a Trophy coupon

If you mark a coupon as a trophy, it can be connected to a Gaming Coupon and be won by successfully answering a question or after participating in a poll. The Trophy Coupon will not be visible in the eventbaxx until you connect it to a Gaming Coupon.

Reminder: You have to create your Trophy Coupon before creating the Gaming Coupon. Otherwise, the system can not connect the trophy to the Gaming Coupon.

You can mark any type of coupon as a Trophy Coupon (except Gaming Coupons) by checking the box during the third step of your content creation process:

Mark a coupon as a trophy

After you finished creating your Trophy Coupon, you can find it in a separate list in your coupon overview:

Separate list of Trophy Coupons

Now, you can connect the trophy to your Gaming Coupon during the creation process of your Gaming Coupon. For additional information, please read this article.

In the eventbaxx, the Trophy Coupon will always be highlighted. It also replaces the Gaming Coupon.

Highlighted Trophy Coupon


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